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Why Cold Pressed?


Our cold press juicing technique preserves the nutritional quality of the ingredients we use by delicately grinding froots and roots without applying any additional heat during the process. Studies show that after just 48 hours of being stored, juices start to significantly lose nutrients and bioactive compounds. That said, we make our juices fresh with every order. Not only will your body benefit from it but you’ll also taste the difference in flavor yourself!

Why Conscious?


We care about the environment and do what we can to reduce our impact on it. That’s why we use compostable packaging made from plants and repurpose leftover pulp. What's more, we use ecological produce when possible and our juices contain no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors.

About _ Concept _ Why Conscious.jpg


Our mission is to provide the freshest cold pressed juices and most innovative smoothies, frappes, frozen yogurt, and healthy treats in Barcelona.


We want to preserve the essence and nutritional value of the froots and roots that we use, share the flavors of our heritage and background, create an innovative environment for our team members, and commit to sustainable packaging.

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