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Froots & Roots was created by Sepehr and Minu Sadeghi, a father-daughter duo that has always been inspired by their Austrian and Iranian heritage, and Dominican upbringing.


Having lived on the charming North Coast of the Dominican Republic for the past 20 years, they were always surrounded by the freshest fruits and vegetables. The infinite variety of exotic produce never failed to impress and resulted in a passion for combining flavors in every meal, snack, or drink. Being from Austria and Iran also meant that every celebration would revolve around a table of nostalgic treats.


Both are food fanatics, with Sepehr sharing his passion for food through his home cooked meals and Minu having studied in Barcelona’s culinary school Bellart. On their journey to get through every restaurant in Barcelona, the two found themselves on a search to find the best juice in the city. 

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After coming across the cold press juicing method, they fell in love with it but couldn’t find anywhere in Barcelona that made cold pressed juices directly in front of customers. Four years after moving to Barcelona, the idea for Froots & Roots was born: a cold press juicery that would wonderfully feed their love for experimenting with flavors.

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